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Corruption or Conservative Strategy? An Examination of College Football Behavior (with McDonald Paul Mirabile)
Forthcoming-Atlantic Economic Journal
An Empirical Examination of the Currency Denomination of Trade (with Luigi Ventura)
Forthcoming-International Economic Journal
Migration and the Currency Denomination of Trade (with Luigi Ventura)
Forthcoming-International Migration Review
A Discrete Choice Model of College Enrollment: The role of professional athletic career expectations on university selection (with McDonald Paul Mirabile)
Forthcoming-Journal of Sports Economics Present
Understanding and Measuring the Evolution of Tourist Destination Image Across the Visitor Experience (with Wayne Smith, Xiang (Robert) Li, Bing Pan and Sean T. Doherty )
Tourism Management - June 2015

Duopolists' retail pricing behavior in multiple markets (with Rachel Williams)

Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade - March 2014
Can schools buy success in college football? Coach compensation, expenditure and performance (with McDonald Paul Mirabile)
Journal of Research in Educational Sciences - December 2014

A Random Walk to Economic Freedom? (with Frank Hefner)
The European Journal of Comparative Economics - April 2013

The Microstructure of Covered Interest Arbitrage in a Market with a Dominant Market Maker (with Hao-Chen Liu)

Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money - April 2013

Collegiate and Professonial Lives of Student Athletes (with McDonald Paul Mirabile)
Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics - March 2013

The relations between price clustering, expected return, and trader's identity in the foreign exchange swap market (with Hao-Chen Liu)
The Financial Review - February 2013

How did the Credit Crisis of 2008 Impact European Exchange Rates?
Eastern European Economics - May 2012

Female Labor, Western Culture and Growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
Review of Middle East Economics and Finance - May 2011

Financial Integration and Synchronization in the Expanded EU (with Jason Jones)
Atlantic Economic Journal - March 2011

Currency Invoicing: The Role of "Herding" and Exchange Rate Volatility
International Economic Journal - September 2010

Not so fast, my friend: Biases in college football polls (with McDonald Paul Mirabile)
Journal of Sports Economics - August 2010
Additional Appendix Tables

Asian Exchange Rates during the Credit Crisis: Policies to Avoid Depreciation
Global Economic Review - March 2010

The Currency Denomination of Trade and Price Discrimination: The Euro after European Union Expansion
Economic Systems - September 2009
MATLAB Programs (saved as text):
Dollar bloc Pre-Expansion
Dollar bloc Post-Expansion
Non-Dollar bloc Pre-Expansion
Non-Dollar bloc Post Expansion

Pricing to Market: Chinese Export Pricing to the USA After the Peg
China & World Economy - March 2009

When is a global currency optimal?

Global Economic Review - March 2009